Some Ideas to Guarantee a Fun AND Scrumptious Barbecue

Some Ideas to Guarantee a Fun AND Scrumptious Barbecue
by Ashley T Cassell

The barbecue is a great way to enjoy a meal

A balmy sun kissed day,the lovely aroma of woodchip and charcoaltogether with a nice glass of pimms.What could be better!

Having said that, there’s a few things you should do to ensure you have a fun time. The last thing you want is the day spoiled because of an injury or some such thing.If you follow this small set of instructions you can be sure the day will go well.

The first job is to get the BBQ lit which frequently results in a lot of macho action as dad goes into “man make fire” mode.

After it’s lit the next thing to remember is that it will take the barbecue a goodly amount of time to heat up. Make sure you allow for that.

If you’ve got a gas or electric barbecue to lighting process is whole lot easier, so long as you’ve got enough Gas in the bottle. People who opt for Gas or electric usually cite this as the main reason for their choice.

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If you are using charcoal it’s very easy to be seduced by that bottle of lighter fluid when the charcoal won’t take but I’d advise against it. It’ll get onto the food and give it a rotten taste. I know this because I’ve done it often. But if your partner has got you running to call the Fire Service because of their over zealous use of the demon fluid I’d suggest you let the thing burn for at least 30 minutes and this will get rid of any unpalatable odour.

To get everyone’s juices flowing I’d suggest adding wood chips to you barbecue. If you have been impressing your guests for some time you in all likelihood already knew that.

If you haven’t tried it, there’s nothing better than the smell of steak sizzling over wood chips.

If you want to move things up a notch give BBQ wood chips a go.

It doesn’t matter which type you have (electric, gas or charcoal) adding wood chips will get that authentic barbecue flavour into your cooking

Soaking the wood chips for about 10-15 minutes earlier will ensure they don’t burn so quickly or give off too much smoke. You ideally want your wood chips damp but not soaking.

With masses of flavours to choose from you can pick out one that will just meet your needs. Try matching lighter wood chips with lighter food.

Cherry fruitwoods go great with veal poultry and pork, Alder Wood is great with seafood. Maple and hickory give of a stronger aroma and might be better with duck, lamb or chicken.

Essentially of course it’s your food that really matters. With the finest cuts of meat and the freshest of seafood, your guests will sing your praises.

All that remains is for me to bask in the adulation of my satisfied friends and family. Now who’s for a Pimms?

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