Contemporary Bedroom Decor Makeover

by Joe Vincente

We all enjoy our bedroom and it is true to say that we all secretly yearn for a nicer bedroom, one that is more than just a place to sleep so remodeling the master bedroom can be very rewarding. As the bedroom has become a place for other functions besides sleeping, like reading or relaxing for example, many people have seen the advantages of making this a special place in the home. Some Europeans believe the bedroom should be a place where a sensual atmosphere is the one to aim for and this approach is gradually being adopted by Americans as well.

To do this requires the use of emotionally appealing colors that are more seductive like rouge or lipstick reds, subtle pinks or creamy peaches. If you are fond of candlelight then the addition of strategically placed mirrors will give a dramatic effect that could not be done with conventional lighting. The addition of oval mirrors can help create beautiful reflections when candles are placed close to them.

With a bedroom, subtle lighting is preferable to a single harsh light because it doesn’t enhance the feel of the room at all whereas many soft lights are more inviting and relaxing. Traditionally to achieve the best effect in a room for reading in you should look towards the softer shades of ivory, amber and slate blue. When you are remodeling you master bedroom to create a room which is more like a retreat, then beautiful throws, cushions (or pillows) and mirrors will achieve the desired look.

If you add the comfortable chair and a standing lamp then you will have a retreat that also doubles as a reading room. Normally remodeling a master bedroom that is to serve this purpose will have picture frames placed strategically around with family or friends displayed in them. Colors that well in private sanctuaries include navy or cobalt blues, deep chocolates, and forest greens as darker colors create a womb or cave like feeling and aid deep sleep.

If you are determined to create a space that is purely self indulgent, then why not add a radio or cd system, television and traditional writing desk where you will be able to enjoy your own private little world, but this is obviously something that is dependant on available space. It is not uncommon to place concealed fridges either in addition to tea or coffee making facilities which almost provide the feel of a quality hotel suite. Remodeling your master bedroom may end a project that requires some compromise if there are two occupants that cannot agree on a particular them but many mentioned previously can be mixed and matched quite successfully together.

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