Carbon Monoxide ” The Quiet Murderer

by Tal Potishman

is very dangerous and it is vital that ever resident of the United Kingdom understands what monoxide is and how it should be dealt with. What exactly is monoxide? How is monoxide dangerous? How can a resident of the United Kingdom make sure that he or she won’t get harmed by it? This article will answer each of these questions.

What is ?

Carbon monoxide is a gas. It has no colour. It has no odour. It has no taste. It is, however, poisonous and incredibly harmful to humans and animals. It is made by the burning of fuels that are carbon based. The most commonly burned carbon based fuels are coal, wood, oil and gas.

Where can I Find Carbon Monoxide?

As previously mentioned, carbon monoxide is found anywhere that any of the previously mentioned carbon based fuels are burned. Natural gas, coal, kerosene, oil, propane, charcoal, coal and wooden materials all produce carbon monoxide. There are many types of appliances in and around a home that can produce carbon monoxide because they burn one of these types of fuel: generators, cars, lawn mowers, barbecues, camping lanterns and grills are all generators of carbon monoxide.

What Makes Carbon Monoxide Dangerous?

Doctors and scientists are still conducting experiments to determine exactly how carbon monoxide affects the body and causes so much damage so quickly. Doctors and scientists do know that carbon monoxide directly compromises parts of the blood: myoglobin, oxidase, cytochrome and haemoglobin.

How Do I Protect Myself from Carbon Monoxide?

If a home has proper ventilation, carbon monoxide is not usually a risk. are also very affordable and easy to install and can help keep you warned about the levels of carbon monoxide in your home. These detectors work a lot like smoke detectors and will alert the people inside of a home when the carbon monoxide level becomes dangerous, which allows the occupants to leave their home before any serious damage occurs.

What are the ?

The most common symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are heightened levels of fatigue, nausea and headaches that can’t be explained by other factors. Many people with carbon monoxide poisoning think that they have the flu and do not get treatment quickly enough. It is important that, if you start feeling any of these symptoms, that you go outside and get some fresh air. If the symptoms subside, it is likely that you have been exposed to carbon monoxide and should call a professional to inspect your home.

It is important that all residents of the United Kingdom educate themselves to the dangers of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is encountered regularly by all United Kingdom residents and it is important that they understand how to identify problems that are associated with this deadly poison. Education is the best way for people to protect themselves from the dangers of carbon monoxide.

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