7 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Suburban Oasis

7 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Suburban Oasis
by Glenn Guthrie

Lawn Care – Having a healthy lawn is fundamental to a beautiful back-yard retreat. It is the cornerstone that brings all of the other amenities in your yard together. Starting early and planning is key to growing a thick plush carpet of green grass. Preparing the soil ahead of time is important and so is the choice of what type of grass you are putting in. Setting up a maintenance program will help keep your lawn looking fresh and leafy green for seasons to come.

Landscaping – This is more than just mulching an area and putting in some potted plants. Landscaping is like jewelry for your backyard. You start off with a plan for the spaces to be used, to what types of plants and colors will complement your backyard. In planning you have a variety of options on design, materials, plants, colors that should be thought through.

Gardens – A more personal addition to your backyard is a garden. Gardens can be as regular or exotic as you want them to be it makes them almost an extension of you, the gardener. From what type of garden you choose; to the type of plant, flower, herb, fruit or vegetable you choose to plant and grow. Not to be forgotten is the pride showing off your healthy garden can give you.

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Fencing – Putting a fence around your backyard makes sense in more ways than one. It can give you the privacy you desire to relax in your yard. The security of letting your children and pets spend more time outside playing and enjoying the fresh air. A fence can be decorative and add beauty at the same time.

Lighting – And why not enjoy your backyard retreat at night? Nighttime is a great opportunity to spend family time in your backyard. Lighting walkways and pool areas help with safety but can also be used to highlight the beauties of your yard. Spotlights can help show off your plants, shrubbery or any other area you choose.

Decks and Patios – Building or installing a deck or patio area gives you a space that can be used in a multitude of ways. There are probably more uses for either one than there are for types of material, size, design and style to choose from. And, that’s saying a lot.

Retractable Awnings and Patio Covers – These will help by adding comfort when enjoying your backyard while the sun is blazing or during a rainy day. Being able to take in the outdoors and relax when at the same time being offered protection is a great option to have. When you are selecting the type of awnings covers consideration should be made for what its main function is to be. Also, look at the colors, patterns and how they will look with theme and color you have in place.

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