How to Use Garden Shed Plans to Build Your Own Shed

How to Use Garden Shed Plans to Build Your Own Shed
by Tony Bueler

If you’ve been thinking about building your own shed, now is the time to do it. But some pre-planning is definitely in order.

With all the books that are out there you have surely noticed that some are better than others, much better. So here is a guide to help you determine if a set of shed plans has everything you need in order to undertake this type of building project.

Ideally garden shed plans should contain detailed step-by-step instructions so that there is no confusion as to what each step is attempting to accomplish. Anything less than this can cause delays and re-work which we are trying to avoid.

The material list should also be complete. Some guides will include prices and this will help you determine up front whether the specific shed is in your price range.

Look at the floor plan. This will show you the skid and floor joist layout. The wall plan which shows the wall frame and stud placement and the roof plan which shows the beam and rafter positions and spacings.

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The cross section will show you the section of the shed framework from base to apex and also offers a perspective of the sub-floor, floor, wall frames and roof frame structure in relation to one another.

You will want to be able to picture these and go through the steps in your mind to make sure you feel comfortable with the design.

A good shed plan will take you through the steps for making the appropriate measurements and laying out the skid and joists. Many of the images will explain a lot, but often times words are necessary to give hints and tips for each step as the shed is being built.

Everything from the floor to the wall frames, to the noggings, to the rafters, to the roof beams should be clearly spelled out.

It may seem like a large project at first, but when it is appropriately broken down into small well defined sub-projects, it is much more manageable. Not everyone can do a large project, but everyone can do multiple small projects. And a good set of garden shed plans will do just that.

A good set of shed plans should be able to answer your every question, so be prepared with some questions.

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