Decorating with Post Caps & Finials

Decorating with Post Caps & Finials
by Leonard Bosworth

Builders are always giving away special deals for people who are willing to buy their homes. It wasnt long ago, a friend bought one of these homes and he had a couple of choices from the builder and he chose to have a deck built out back and a fence put up to enclose his backyard.

Now that this had been established, the task of deciding the materials that the new fence and deck would be built out of came into play. After much deliberation, it was decided that the fence would be built out of cedar and the deck out of redwood; both excellent choices!

Everyone involved did their jobs right down to the cleanup yet the owners were not satisfied with the end results. After talking it over with the contractors, the owners couldnt articulate the problem so the contractor couldnt fix it for them.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. The homeowner was wondering around on the internet and happened upon a website bringing everyday value outdoors that had something they had never heard of before in relation to the outdoors; post caps and finials.

They had so much fun looking at all the different styles from solar to decorative post caps and everything in between. Just going through the process of imagining what each one would look like on their deck posts and fence posts, with good taste and bad, created an afternoon of entertainment.

It didnt take long until they had chosen an ideal post cap for them; a very traditional cap that reminded them of Newport, Road Island. It was a hands down favorite! They also decided to try their hand at a do-it-yourself project after reading how easy it was to install the caps on the deck and fence posts. Now every time we…ugh, they sit other side on their beautiful deck and enjoy the wonders of their outdoor space, they are at peace with the world and everything in it!

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