How to care for your lawn and home garden

How to care for your lawn and home garden
by Andrew Caxton

The best way to gain experience in home gardening and lawn care is to begin at the grass root level and make your way up the ladder. That sounds a bit complicated, but all you have to do is to grasp the basics correctly, especially if you are a novice in this field. As you gain familiarity with the various concepts, home gardening and lawn care will not seem a daunting task anymore.

Let me enumerate some of the important ingredients of lawn care and home gardening. Mowing comes first on the list as correct mowing can result in a stunning looking lawn. What you need to remember with mowing is that it is always better to mow high. The reason behind this is that if you mow short, the root system will lose its strength and you will then have a profusion of weeds in your garden.

Another method of avoiding weeds is to mow in a manner that does not follow routine but goes in different directions, like counter-clockwise, diagonal, clock wise etc. By mowing in a range of directions, the weeds are more likely to be clipped effectively and so the grass will have a proper chance to grow well.

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Maintenance of your lawnmower is also a must-do thing. If the blades of the lawnmower are not sharp enough, then the whole purpose is defeated. Ideally the blades should be sharpened once during a year. It is vital that the blades are not fixed onto the lawnmower while you sharpen them. The reason why sharpened blades are a necessity is that bland mower blades do not cut the grass but only shred it and this imparts a white tinge to your lawn. Such a lawn is easily afflicted by various diseases.

Apart from mowing, watering is an integral part of caring for your garden or lawn. Watering has to be just sufficient and neither too much or too less. Similarly, you should never let too much time elapse between watering or water your lawn too regularly, as this could damage your lawn irreparably. Keep aside some time for watering your garden everyday. It is difficult to prescribe the exact amount of water needed for your lawn as this can vary depending on things like mowing height, species of grass, soil type, temperature etc.

The right kind of fertilization is also a crucial factor in home gardening and lawn care. Organic fertilizers like steer manure and activated sludge from sewage are some types of fertilizers even though compost is the fertilizer which is very effective as compared to the others. The advantage with compost is that it gives the right kind of nutrients for your lawn and it also provides the much needed organic matter for your lawn or any front yard landscape design assignment.

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