Organic Lawn Care

Organic Lawn Care
by Andrew Caxton

Many people harbor the wrong impression of organic lawn care being a very intricate process and the need to own landscaping accessories. This is not true as organic lawn care is in reality very easily manageable if you take certain steps like using organic fertilizers and mowing the grass a bit higher, you will have a great looking garden that you will be proud of.

As mentioned in above, high mowing is an essential part of organic lawn care. Tall grass has the potential to shade weeds and this helps in destroying weeds as they do not receive enough light to survive. In addition, the shade of tall grass additionally has the capability to kill baby weed seedlings.

People usually mow their lawns short with the assumption that it won’t need mowing for a very long time. However, what happens is that by mowing very short the grass grows at a very high speed. The reason is that to achieve photosynthesis for feeding the roots, long blades are essential for the grass. So, in the eventuality of close cropping, the grass makes a humongous effort to grow at a rapid pace. This effort weakens the plant as a lot of its reserves of sugar are spent in the process. Tall grass, on the other hand, can make more grass plants by using the extra sugar that it has.

When caring organically for your lawn, always leave the grass clippings on the lawn. The clippings give back a lot of organic matter and nutrition to the soil and keep it healthy and vigorous.

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Apart from mowing high, infrequent watering is a clever way to nurture the health of your grass and keep it growing beautifully. What happens with irregular watering is that the roots have no option but to dig deeper to get the required moisture. This helps in creating deep and strong roots. Also, irregular watering is a very effective manner to kill off the unwanted weeds as weeds require regular watering to burgeon. So, if you are in the habit of watering your lawn daily, you are actually aiding the growth of thatch and weeds whereas infrequent watering will result in strong roots for your grass.

One of the unique features of grass is that it can exhaust the nitrogen levels of your lawn unbelievably fast. If you find the presence of legumes in your lawn, it is a sure shot indication that the lawn is lacking in essential nitrogen. All you have to do when this happens is to apply nitrogen-rich fertilizer to your lawn. This will eliminate the problem and give you a good looking lawn.

Last but not the least; you have to pay attention to any weed problem in your lawn. There are certain weeds that are very persevering in nature and cause a lot of problems to the grass in your lawn. Bindweed and Canadian thistle are two such weeds that are not harmed even by chemicals and they have unimaginably large root systems that can go up to thirty feet in the soil. One of the solutions in this case is to grow your grass high. Apart from this, you can get rid of the green plant that facilitates sugar production to the roots. Frequent digging of the soil will also weaken these weeds.

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