Gym Cleaning or Steam Cleaning?

Gym Cleaning or Steam Cleaning?
by Karen Blair

I want to feel fit, but I hate working for it. That topic has been beaten to death. Here we have what I consider the findings on house cleaning. Done properly, house cleaning will keep you fit. You have to move a lot and to put many muscles to work in order to clean all corners of a home.

Either you use a vacuum cleaner, a mop or a steam cleaner, if you move energetically, you can put your muscles to work, therefore you’ll get them toned and you’ll even lose a few pounds. This can easily turn into a daily routine, with benefits for your entire family.

The challenge in being successful with this method is to find those cleaning appliances which give the best results. You want to enjoy both the process and the result, after all. Try steam cleaners. You may stick to them forever.

Thinking of the boom registered by video blogging, you’d think it can be applied to cleaning tips too. Yes, it would, but I hardly see it worth it for me to launch a house cleaning video.

The advantage of buying a steam cleaner is that it is multifunctional and it uses only water in the cleaning process. Never underestimate the power of hot vapors jets. They blow away the stubborn dirt right away.

Losing weight while cleaning can be fun if you play your favorite music and manipulate the steam cleaner in its rhythm. It’s like dancing, but with a quiet and stiff partner. It’s not exactly the real thing, but here the purpose is not to flirt but to get fit and to clean your house.

There are housewives who claimed to lose 20 pounds with this method, while not spending a penny on gyms and expensive books or diet foods. You can try it too, and all your friends will see the difference.

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