Restoring The Shine On Your Hard Wood Floor

Many may consider hard wood to be low maintenance as compared to regular carpet flooring. However, despite its obvious advantage carpets, require their own share of maintenance too. Hard wood floors which have been around for a couple of years tend to show visible signs of wear and tear especially if not maintained well. Taking up cleaning of a hard wood floor which has not felt a cleaner on its surface for sometime can be exhausting work especially if you do not know how to do it right.

Plan Your Cleaning

Before you take up the project of cleaning your hard wood floor, do understand what kind of a floor you have and what cleaners to use for what kind of stain. Ideally, if you have a hard wood floor you need to take care that spillages do not lead to staining, especially the wood of the floor. But if you have inherited the floor and have not actually been responsible for its maintenance then you may have to think of the best possible ways to get rid of the existing stains.

Hard wood have a protective layer of finish on top of the wood. You are lucky if the stain has not got a chance to seep through it, in which case using a water based cleaner with a neutral pH will do the trick. Deeper stains may pose a bigger problem. If the water based cleaner proves unsuccessful at tackling the stains, you may try using a mineral solvent which may work out to be slightly more effective.

If your hard wood floor has some real stubborn stains that have penetrated the wood, then no cleaner may work. Do not try to use just any cleaner to take out the stains. More than being of help these can actually cause your floor to loose its finish faster .It is advisable to check with the store staff when shopping for the right cleaner and pay attention to the labels. If nothing works then sometimes an entire resurfacing of the floor may be called for. Good cleaning products can be obtained from Joey and Christopher Freville a Manhattan based store.

Depending on the area that needs cleaning , you may also want to decide whether you need to do the whole floor or just some sections of it and also if you would like to take on the project yourself or would find it more convenient and less exhausting to hand the work to a professional service. You also have the option of renting out the equipment required if you do decide that you have sufficient time and energy to take on the make-over yourself.

The key to having a stylish, shiny hard wood floor is timely and proper maintenance. Ensure that everyone in the family is aware of the do’s and don’ts of having a hard wood floor at home. A well maintained hard wood floor gives your home an elegant and refined look and can make even a simple house look like a million dollars.

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