Going Green! Environmentally Friendly Home Decor

You recycle, traded in your SUV for a hybrid car and always ask for paper instead of plastic at the grocery store. You care about the future of the planet and know that means doing your part to help the environment. There are easy ways that you can incorporate your desire to reduce your carbon footprint into the choices you make when decorating your home.

Here are some tips to start making your home a little greener.

• Paint

Here&;s an idea: Take a bucket full of dangerous chemicals and apply them to every large flat surface in your home. Breathe deeply so you can take into your lungs all these chemicals have to offer. Then, in a year or two, you can apply another layer of chemicals on top of the old one! Does that sound like something you would do? Of course not, but some experts say that is exactly what you are doing when you paint your wall with traditional paints.

There are other options available in the form of eco-safe paints. These paints are made without any of the chemicals found in traditional paints. They are available in a wide variety of colors. To be sure you are getting paints that are truly eco-friendly, check the label for certification by either Greenseal or the Scientific Certification Seal.

• Flooring Options

The best option, environmentally speaking, is to keep what you have. Of course, this isn&;t always possible, so there are options for replacing your flooring that won’t have a negative impact on Mother Earth.

If you want to keep a wood floor feel, consider bamboo. It&;s tough as nails, and just as affordable as traditional wood flooring.

If its carpet you want, consider carpet tiles. They are often made from reclaimed materials, such as plastic bottles, and use non-toxic dyes. Also, using carpet tiles allow you to create fun patterns with the carpet, or just have a traditional look. And if a stain can&;t be removed, you can just replace a few tiles instead of having to replace the entire carpet.

• Furniture

Who needs new when used will do? When people redecorate what do they do with their old, perfectly good furniture? They either sell it or donate it to charities who sell it. If you care about the environment, you should at least LOOK for used options when you need a piece of furniture.

Used doesn&;t have to mean shabby, scratched and beat up. Check your local classified ads, thrift stores and yard sales. You’ll be surprised at the treasures you will find. As a bonus, you’ll save money and have furniture that isn’t a cookie cutter copy of what everyone else has in their home.

If you can&;t find what you want used, consider purchasing furniture that is made from eco-friendly material such as bamboo.

• Accessories

Again, keep in mind that everything old can be made new again! Scour antique stores and thrift shops for mirrors, knick knacks and artwork. Look to nature for ideas for artwork, and made some things yourself. Use your personal creativity to both create something and help the environment.

It&;s easy to find ways to decorate your home without having a negative impact on the environment. It takes just little extra effort and attention to create an environmentally friendly home that is also beautiful. And that’s something that you – and your grandchildren – can live with.

Jessica Ackerman is a senior staff writer for Wall Decor and Home Accents. Stop by for home decorating ideas and resources, unique metal wall art and wrought iron wall decor.

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