Why You Should Consider Raised Vegetable Gardening

Why You Should Consider Raised Vegetable Gardening
by Keira Adams

A raised vegetable garden offers many advantages and is an ideal solution for many of us for growing juicy vegetables in our own backyard. You might have to put in more time and money to start, but this kind of garden will give you far more benefits.

A raised vegetable garden can produce bumper crops without the worry of pests or poor soil conditions getting in the way of a successful growing season. There are many other benefits of this style of gardening as well, which we will cover further in this article.

Better Soil = Better Crops

Take a look at the dirt that you have in your back yard. More than likely your soil is either too sandy, has too many rocks, or perhaps too much clay. Without some amendments, time and labor, it just may not offer a great way to grow your vegetables.

However, with a raised vegetable garden, you can control exactly what substances go into your soil, greatly increasing your chances for healthy plants and reducing the incidence of weeds and pests. While it may be a bit more effort in the short term, you will reap the rewards of less weeding and work in the long run.

Plant Stuff

Easy to Contain

It may be hard to believe when you are trying to coax those tiny seedlings to thrive, but some crops are actually quite invasive once they take off in your garden. For example, horseradish and mint can become almost as pesky as weeds in the way they spread and choke out other plants. Another plant that spreads quickly is strawberries. This is where a raised vegetable garden can come in quite handy since these aggressive crops will be held within the confines of four walls.

Easy on Your Back

One of the main benefits of going with raised vegetable gardens is that they are much easier on your back. Many people love going out to work in the garden, but they are not thrilled with dealing with a sore back after working in the garden. However, when you have a raised garden, you won’t have to deal with this anymore. You’ll be able to get to your plants and take care of them without having to bend over to the ground.

People who have disabilities or are in wheelchairs also find raised vegetable gardens a much easier way to enjoy their hobby.

So, as you can see, there are many great benefits of going with a raised vegetable garden. It provides a very convenient way for you to enjoy growing your own vegetables without a lot of the hassle of a regular garden. So, take the time to look at the options available to you and start your own raised vegetable garden today.

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