Solar and Wind Power: A Solution for the Homes Energy Needs

Solar and Wind Power: A Solution for the Homes Energy Needs
by Ashley Patrick

One of the main concerns of people who are in search of alternative ways to generate energy is the involved cost. It has been proven in the past that a solar or wind power system involves a lot of money and that it probably takes years before any financial gain is realized. However, there is yet an alternate way to get energy from these natural resources at a lower cost. It is cheaper in the sense that you no longer need to hire a company to build the system for you because you will do it by yourself.

First and foremost, let us discuss the advantages of both solar and wind power. It is recommended that a home utilizes both because it is not every day that the weather is sunny or windy. During the evening when the sun is out, you will still be able to generate free energy with the use of your generator powered by the wind.

The benefit of solar power is that it has been proven to be very efficient during sunny days. Also, it does not movable parts, thus, less maintenance. If the place where you are located has sunny weather 80% of the time, you will be very satisfied with the services of solar panels. However, I still suggest that both the sun and the wind must be utilized for energy generation.

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In contrast, a wind generator or wind power is most beneficial when there are constant gushes of wind. More often than not, wind turbines are constructed up above the tree line to ensure that wind is captured. At least 5 miles per hour of wind is sufficient enough to produce electricity. Moreover, with a good generator, the amount of your electric bill will be decreased dramatically.

For the abovementioned systems, you have the option to choose whether your system will be directly connected to your power grid (this makes your meter rotate backwards when there is more energy produced by your system) or if you intend to store the extra electricity into batteries with high capacity. The electric power that will be produced unfortunately is in DC form of current, therefore, a converter is needed in order to transform the DC current into AC that is being utilized in the home.

But then again, the construction of solar or wind power system is very cost-effective. You can avail of some kits available in the market for the do-it-yourself system. In addition, it is recommended that you search the internet for possible improvisations. Building your own solar and wind power generator is one huge idea that is both economical and effective. During these times of crises, it is one option you cannot miss.

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