Consider Getting a Used Vacuum Cleaner Instead

Consider Getting a Used Vacuum Cleaner Instead
by J. Laney

Have you ever considered buying a used vacuum cleaner? Dont worry, most people havent. They havent because people have become accustomed to buying things cheap and throwing them away when they break. Most of us get into this cycle and dont even realize that there is another way.

In our society today, few people would even consider the purchase of a used vacuum cleaner because they can buy one brand new at the discount store for about the same money. The thought just never occurs to them that they could buy a high end machine for around the same amount of money and probably last longer than the brand new vacuum they are buying.

In reality, as in used cars, if the vacuum cleaner was a quality built unit and has had a reasonably easy life, it can be expected to outlast a new low quality, inexpensive unit that was only built to have a short lifespan. As with cars again, these quality used vacuums can often be purchased for the same or less money as the cheap new ones.

When I say, high quality, I dont mean a used discount store vacuum that is in good condition. I mean a unit that was very expensive when purchased new from the dealer like an Electrolux, Miele or Rainbow. Everyone understands that these vacuum brands are of the highest quality and are far superior to the cheaper units found at the store. They are also known to be substantially more expensive than the discount brands.

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The high end vacuum cleaners are so superior to the common units from the store that almost everyone who witnesses a demonstration of them will want to purchase it. Unfortunately, the cost of these premium units when purchased new is the reason most people dont end up already owning one.

The people who do buy these units are almost always lifelong fans of the product and often will end up upgrading after a few years to a newer model so they can have some new feature or attachment. This creates the opportunity for the consumer who would love to own one of these vacuums but isnt in the financial position to make the substantial investment to buy it new. They recognize that a quality made used product is still a quality made product with a little of the new worn off.

As with any purchase of a used item, you should do your best to make sure it in as good a shape as possible and, if you can, it would be a good idea to have a professional check it over to assure you there are not going to be any big problems any time soon. If the consumer is careful and does their due diligence, they can often spend the same amount of money or less than they would on a low-quality vacuum and get a good used vacuum cleaner that will actually give more years of dependable service, thereby actually saving themselves money while getting a higher quality vacuum.

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