Fun For the Kids, Make a Snow Globe

Fun For the Kids, Make a Snow Globe
by Scott Jenson

When you think of a snow globe you see a clear glass sphere containing a heartwarming scene highlighted by flaking snow. It is a sight that will catch a child’s or even a grown-up’s attention, curiosity, and to some extent, approbation. But even the most meticulously made snow globe comes from a humble beginning.

A snow globe is actually easy to make. You can even pull up things at home to create your very own snow globe. All you need is a few things and a little know-how. For the basics here are the materials you would need to collect:

A clear glass jar with a tightly sealing cover – This may range from a variety of shapes and sizes. Used materials like a pickle jar, salsa jar, mason jar or whatever you can get your hands on will do.

Waterproof decorative supplies – These are what you will need for your scene. Best to think of a theme so that you know what you will need to collect. A variety of things would suit your needs like tiny figurines, baked clay, plastic things – go wild.

Crushed eggshells or glitters – This is what you will be using for snow. Remember to boil the egg and remove the film inside if you will be using egg shells. If you choose to put in glitters make sure they are not too small because they will just float.

Clear sealant (aquarium sealants work well for this project)

Glue gun or waterproof glue (to be used to attach decorations within the globe)

Distilled water or mineral oil

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Glycerin (if distilled water is used this will be the additive to make the snow fall slower)

A bigger jar cover or a wooden circle (this is optional but will be very helpful as a base)

Crafts dcor material (to be used to finish your snow globe)

These are the materials you would wish to collect if you want to make your own snow globe. Keep in mind that your imagination is the only limit here and these are just examples of what you can use.

For the procedure you can do things a bit differently if you wish. Mix it up depending on your preference.

Attach your scene on the inner part of the jar lid using a glue gun or waterproof glue. Make sure you make them stable enough to withstand a good shaking. Let the glue dry well before exposing it to the liquid environment. Also make sure they are elevated so that they are at a good visible level.

Put your liquid medium in the jar but make sure to leave some space. The scene decoration will displace some of the liquid.

Put your improvised snow. If you are using egg shells you can crush them by using a rolling pin. Roll it over a bag with egg shells of about 2-3 eggs. Zip locks work well for this purpose.

Put some sealants on the inner rim of the jar lid before screwing it shut.

Carefully screw the lid on your jar with snow and liquid.

Seal the outer part of the lid with a bit more sealant.

Finish up your project by decorating the outer part.

And there you have it. Your home made snow globe.

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