Koi Garden Ponds Make Your Property Appealing

Koi Garden Ponds Make Your Property Appealing
by Rebbeca Myers

A lot of people build Koi garden ponds not only because they are beautiful but because they can be so calming. However, you have to realize at the beginning that building and maintaining one can take a lot of dedication. It is first important to understand as much as possible about Koi fish. They are indigenous to Japan and have an unusual shape – like a drum! These fish are very colorful and frisky; they love to play. Still, because building the pond and taking care of the fish requires so much care, you need to know what to expect right at the onset.

Building a Koi pond takes a lot of effort as well, but it is well worth it. Still, before you begin building yours, you should make sure you have the time necessary to devote to it. You also need all the proper resources. You have to be prepared to care for both the fish and the pond.

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A Koi garden pond is relatively simple to construct but you have to make sure you do it right. First and foremost, it cannot be built in direct sunlight. Koi fish are extremely sensitive and they need to be treated as such. Many people wall in their ponds, which protects the fish from the sun. Some people also elect to build them beneath trees. However, you should only do this if the tree does not frequently shed its leaves. Otherwise those dry leaves will raise the pH level in the water.

When considering the size of the Koi garden, you need to remember that these fish can get quite big. They can be as much as three feet long and weigh as much as forty pounds. Thus, their pond needs to be large enough to accommodate their growth. As well, since Koi are social fish which do not like to be alone, you should plan to have at least three or four fish at the onset.

Insofar as pond maintenance is concerned, you can make your job easier by building the pond with a pond liner or a pre-made pond. Pond liners are generally recommended because then you can increase its size without any real problems.

You should also think about embracing a quatic plants, gravel, and pebbles when building a Koi pond. The plants provide lots of nutrients and they also protect the fish from the sun. The pebbles provide an ideal place for healthy and beneficial bacteria to breed.

The water in a Koi pond is important as well. Koi are very sensitive, so the water’s pH level should be neutral. Filtration and aeration systems are highly recommended. Look for ones with both biological filters and UV filters. A drain in the bottom of the pond is a good idea as well.

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