When And How To Add Chlorine Stabilizer To Your Pool

When And How To Add Chlorine Stabilizer To Your Pool
by Matthew Giovanisci

What is Chlorine Stabilizer? If you use pool shock or any other type of unstabilized chlorine to sanitize your pool then you are wasting chlorine. You can get your chlorine to last much longer and be a lot more efficient by using chlorine stabilizer.

Chlorine Stabilizer is an organic compound and it’s purpose is to keep the chlorine in your swimming pool lasting longer. It keeps it in there by not letting the chlorine get oxidized by the sun.

Add chlorine stabilizer at the beginning of the pool season. Keeping your stabilizer at 40ppm will ensure proper chlorine stabilization. Keep a close eye on it since your stabilizer levels and rise and fall due to water loss or rising by adding stabilized chlorine products.

How To Add Chlorine Stabilizer to Your Swimming Pool 1. Clean your filter by backwashing it, or for cartridge filters just take out the cartridge and rinse.

2. We need to determine how much stabilizer to add. Most require 1 pound per 3,000 gallons of pool water, so if you have a 12,000 gallon pool you would add 4 pounds. Before doing this, check the amounts on the back of the product to make sure this is correct.

3. SLOWLY add the correct amount of stabilizer to your pool by pouring it into your skimmer basket with the pump running. This allows the stabilizer to run through your filter.

4. Keep your filter and pump running for the next 24 hours and DO NOT BACKWASH.

The reason why we add chlorine stabilizer to the skimmer rather than directly into your pool is because it dissolves extremely slow. By adding it through the skimmer and into the filter, we let all the rushing water into filter dissolve it.

If you have any problems or additional questions we advice to contact your local pool supplier.

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