Sweet Cherries

Sweet Cherries
by John Cornwall

Commercially, the growing of sweet cherries is confined almost entirely to Kent, though years ago good cherries were grown in Buckingham, Gloucester, Worcester and Hereford.

Cherries grown in acid soil will appreciate being given carbonate of lime every four years or so, at I. lb. to the sq. yard, and this will be forked in very lightly together with the sedge peat.

Generally speaking, the caterpillars, and the black aphides, can be controlled by spraying the trees with a tar-oil wash in December. Leaf Scorch, recognized by the fact that the leaves fail to drop in the autumn. Leaf Spot, recognized by small circular-spot ‘shot holes’ in the leaves.

Blossom Wilt, recognized by the withered brown flower trusses, can all be controlled at the moment by the use of Bordeaux Mixture, applied at varying times.

As these later troubles are usually only seen when cherries are grown on a large scale. The only one which might be a nuisance is the leaf spot and, in this case, the trunks and the branches must be sprayed with Bordeaux late in October, as well as just before blossoming in the spring. Certain varieties like Early Rivers, Napoleon, Florence and Brad- bourne Black are very susceptible, especially during the first twelve years. There are over 300 varieties of sweet cherries.

Two other reciprocal varieties are Early Rivers and Noir Guben. It is most important to consult the nurseryman re the fertility rules before making the purchase. Though books say that it is possible to plant cherries as cordons, I had never found these satisfactory because of the problems of pruning.

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