How Often And What Should I Feed My Plants

How Often And What Should I Feed My Plants
by Kent Higgins

Plant food as was mentioned, is commercially prepared and designed to replenish nutrient depletion in soil. These are made in tablet and powder form and they are water soluble and can be fed to plants in liquid form.

Plant food gives gardener many improvements over using manure or manure mixes. Firstly, they have no odor, and take up minimal space. Secondly, the mixes are scientifically prepared and come with instructions on how and when they should be used.

As with soil, you may want to mix your own, however there is no use in attempting to mix something that will unfortunately never live up to the commercial products on the market.

Plants you buy are already in the pot, and should be OK without extra additives for around a month or so. If this fails to make the plant thrive, or if the plant shows signs of distress, it is more likely something is wrong with the plant or its environment, and not due to lack of nutrients.

If within a month, the plant continues to be in distress, then you may need to feed it. Remember, when using a plant food, to use the instructions carefully, they are developed after careful research and designed to improve the health of your plants.

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It is natural to feel that if a tablespoon is good, then more will be even better. Do not fall into this trap, it is a mistake. Excessively feeding may result in the roots being burned up and the plant may die.

You must be careful not to over feed your plants with plant fertilizer, but you need to realize that plant food is needed and should be given at intervals, in the right amounts to all indoor plants, particularly those that remain pot bound for a long time.

One way to tell if your plant needs food or not is to look at the roots. To check the roots, hold the plant upside down and take the stem between your second and third fingers and then gently lift the pot with your other hand.

A few taps with a light mallet will help loosen the dirt from the inside. Inspect the root ball and if they are wound up and encased in dirt, they need plant food. If the ball looks like its made up of roots entirely, this is a sign its time to replant the plant. Another thing to remember is that flower plants seems to need more feedings that a foliage plant.

In your local garden supply store you can find a commercial packaged plant food for almost any kind of house plant. There are some like roses and African violets that need special food, but you can find these easily and ready made as well. These should be used instead of a general purpose plant food.

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