Bird Houses- Magical Structures

Bird Houses- Magical Structures
by Robert Randolph

When you look at an old American or European backyard, you can expect to find at least one bird house mounted on a tree branch or standing on a pole. For many years, people all over the world have been putting up these tiny homes.

Bird houses have a certain magical attraction to them, which makes them a rather whimsical addition to any kind of garden. These days, bird houses are very much in fashion and you can see many of them that are quite creative and very elaborately designed.

People build or buy bird houses for a variety of reasons. Many homeowners find them to be a charming ornament for their gardens. Some people even collect antique bird houses that they put up in secret corners of their garden. These are remarkable conversation pieces for guests. Even children find them quite delightful. For them, bird houses are like surprises hidden among the leaves and branches in the garden.

There is also a certain tranquility that bird houses can bring. While relaxing in your garden, you can spend hours watching the different kinds of birds resting in your bird houses. Some will stay for only a few minutes, and others may stay a while longer.

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Sometimes birds will even lay their eggs in the bird houses, and they will stay there until the chick is ready to take off. During these rare occasions, you are privileged to witness the growth of a new life, which is a very special and magnificent experience in itself.

Although bird houses do provide some relaxation and satisfaction for humans, their benefit is generally for the birds themselves. Many wild birds, especially those that have traveled a long distance, use these bird houses as a temporary refuge. They will even be more grateful if you put some grains in the bird house. These migratory birds will be very hungry after several days of flying, and a few grains of birdseed will definitely be a feast for them.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter if the bird house is big or small, or whether it is intricately designed by a professional craftsman, or nailed together by a child. Bird houses, no matter what they look like, are symbols of man’s kindheartedness to animals. They show how we can, and do, take care of nature’s more fragile creatures, without expecting anything in return, and that is what really makes them magical.

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