Bamboo Flooring is a Valuable Alternative to Hardwood

by Jack Blacksmith

Bamboo flooring is a very beautiful alternative to using hardwood flooring. Bamboo floors are very popular at the moment because they are so attractive, using bamboo is also an environmentally material. There are a number of popular manufacturers such as Armstrong, Columbia and Mohawk flooring which produce these types of flooring.

Construction of Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a very strong material, it is much stronger than many other cheap flooring products. Bamboo is extremely durable which makes it perfect for wooden flooring. It is much stronger and durable than linoleum. It is also more comfortable than walking on stone floors.

Bamboo flooring is available in two different forms, either solid bamboo floors or engineered floors. Engineered bamboo floors use bamboo with type of wood. Most engineered floors have a plywood base with a top layer made out of bamboo. Bamboo can be stained with urethane which is similar to other hardwood stains.

Bamboo floors are installed in the same way as other hardwood floors. These are normally nailed down to prevent them from moving. There are newer products which are simply clicked together, these do not need any glue or nails to fix the panels down.

Before installing the floor it is important to make sure that the ground and subfloor are completely level. If it’s not level then you can level it out using asphalt shingles. You must ensure that the subfloor is dry, moistness can damage your bamboo floor.


Many people are starting to be worried about the world’s health and the depletion of our natural resources. Trees can take a very long time to grow, especially some of the more expensive products such as oak or walnut. There just aren’ enough of these trees being replanted to keep with demand. People are trying to find alternative ways to protect the trees.

Bamboo is extremely fast growing, the plants only take five years before they are fully grown. Even after harvesting the bamboo new shoots will start to grow very quickly. The bamboo does not need to be replanted as long as care is taken when harvesting.

Caring for Bamboo Flooring

You need to make sure you remove all dirt and dust from your bamboo floor by using a mop or a broom. A great tip is to use a solution made from four parts water and part vinegar. Soak a sponge or a cloth in this liquid and wipe it over the floor. As soon as you’ve finished dry the floor immediately using a towel. You should be careful not to wet the floor too much.

If you spill anything then make sure you use a damp cloth. Then dry the area using a towel straight away. If your floor does get dull then you can use a buff sander to improve the shine on the floor. By looking after your floor there is no reason why your floor can’ last for many years to come.

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