Tips for Buying a Log Cabin for your Garden

by Spencer Wilkins

cost of log cabins varies greatly depending on the kinds of logs which have been used and the size of the property. You will find that those cabins that have been built using handcrafted logs will cost much more than those where the logs have been milled.

It is therefore before you actually decide on getting a cabin built you know difference between milled and handcrafted logs. Generally, those that are milled have been prepared using either a sawmill, a lathe or a planer. This then ensures that each log will be cut to a specific profile or shape. As you will soon discover milled logs have a far more uniformed shape and size to them compared to handcrafted ones.

In addition, what you will often find that milled log cabins are ones where wood has been either air or kiln dried. This enables the right amount of moisture to be extracted from the wood before they are used to build a home with.

As for surface of these logs, they are generally smooth and flat and could even have been coped as well. Also in a large number of cases, they will have tongue and groove joints along the sides where they are to join. This not only makes the construction process easier but helps to provide a much stronger and stable outer shell to the cabin. But if you want, the outer of log can remain rough to provide a much more rustic look to your cabin.

In most cases, the trees from which the wood for these types of logs used are pines, spruces, firs as well as cedars. For a cheap but well built milled cabin, buy one made from either pine or spruce. However, if you have a little more money in your budget then consider getting one made using cedar instead.

Above we have explained something about what milled logs are, now we will provide you with some information regarding handcrafted ones. These will be prepared using either a drawknife so the wood will be hand peeled or they will be water peeled. In most cases, the wood will still be green, as the trees from the which the logs are being produced have only been cut for a few days or a week. Where as milled logs can be either air or kiln dried, with handcrafted ones the only way is to extract moisture is through air-drying. There are unfortunately not enough kilns around which are large enough to accommodate these logs.

The types of trees that are most favoured for handcrafted log cabins are the Douglas fir, Pine and Spruce. However, there are some log cabin who prefer to use woods as Oak, Juniper, Cyprus and Alpine Fir (also known as True Firs).

How much your log cabins cost not only depends on the way in which the logs have been prepared, but also the size of the property. Plus the amount of time and effort that it takes to actually construct the cabin. As mentioned handcrafted ones are more expensive than milled ones because the work is, more labour intensive and much larger pieces of wood are used.

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