Is A Wood Stove Insert Right For Your Fireplace?

Is A Wood Stove Insert Right For Your Fireplace?
by Paul Danzur

Wood stove inserts are an addition to regular wood burning stoves. They fit into almost all of the insides of a regular, ‘open’ fireplace. The traditional design of a wood stove insert is that it is comprised of an outer shell that allows you to see the fire and logs, and an inner wall which allows the hot air to pass through, making the system closed and efficient.

Most wood stove inserts have glass doors that can be opened to insert wood and allow you to see the fire. Wood stove inserts make things more efficient, as they keep more of the escaping heat that would normally be lost by a regular ‘open’ fireplace.

If you decide to go with a wood stove, this decision will save you a lot of money. It will also give you a lot more heat because of increased efficiency. Not only that, the insert will also spread heat to a much wider area. It just makes your fireplace a lot easier to manage.

By installing a wood stove insert, heat loss is diminished to a great extent by reducing the amount of heat lost normally through the outside fireplace walls. This centers the heat inside the stove, making the fire much more efficient by warming up the area intended to be heated. Many wood stove inserts use small electric fans to circulate the hot air into the surrounding area, thereby making sure the air doesn’t stay in the fireplace.

Having a glass door in front of your fireplace eliminates feelings of draft you may experience when having an open fireplace. And by having a glass door, ashes and smoke are always kept inside the stove. They will never mess up your living room.

A wood stove insert will make the cleaning part a lot easier. Wood stove inserts have flat bottoms, making it a lot easier to scoop up the remains of a fire like ashes. Modern wood stove inserts are very attractively designed and provide you with a lot of benefits.

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