Breakfast Tables – Where Do You Eat Your Most Important Meal Of The Day?

The perfect finishing to any is a breakfast table. Kitchens have always been the focus of any home, and that trend is only increasing. In older homes kitchens are often the largest room in the house. During the 19’s through the 1980’s many homes were with very small kitchens, much to the dismay of their new owners. Today, kitchens are again receiving the attention they deserve. In fact, many homeowners are remodeling the same homes of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s to enlarge their small kitchen. Part of this trend consists of removing the bars of yesteryear, and replacing them with a more interesting breakfast table.

As you begin your search for the perfect breakfast table, you may begin to what is there a difference between your dining tables and tables for your kitchen. The answer is yes; there are actually three different categories for tables designed for eating. They are casual dining tables, formal dining tables, and breakfast tables. Obviously, casual and formal dining tables are meant for a dining room. Formal dining tables are always paired with a matching hutch, however casual dining tables are available with a matching hutch and without. In addition, the formal dining table is very sophisticated and decorated to compliment the style of the formal living room, typically seating at least eight guests. Casual dining tables are, of course, casual in design, usually following the d

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