Decorating With Stained Glass

Decorating With Stained Glass
by Robert Cooksey

Decorating your home with stained glass is easy and gives you a touch of elegance without the chaos of a full overhaul. Stained glass can be used in almost any room in the house, including the living room, dining room, entryway, kitchen, bedroom and office. Stained glass is even a nice touch in the bathroom.

Stained Glass In The Kitchen: You can insert stained glass into kitchen cabinet doors to spice up your ordinary cabinets. For an added effect, install an electric light inside the cabinet to make the glass glow. Custom stained glass panels in front of kitchen windows or smaller stained glass window corners are also a way to add stained glass to your kitchen. You can also use a panel as kitchen wall art.

Living Room Stained Glass: In the living room, you can use full or partial window panels, pieces with mirrors in them, or stained glass fireplace screens with clear bevels. That allows you to see the fire through the glass prisms. Stained glass candleholders, chandeliers, or lampshades are another fantastic choice in the living room. Just make sure they don’t overwhelm the room.

Stained Glass Dining Rooms: If you have a large dining room table, think about using large centerpieces produced froLearn Interior Decoratingm stained glass to act as a focal point. On the other hand, a small or narrow feeling dining room can be helped by using wall pieces with large mirrors. That’ll increase the appearance of size.

Bedroom Stained Glass: Decorate your bedroom with small items like candle holders, terrariums, jewelry boxes and others. Mirrors can be used here, too. Just don’t over do it. Think about small wall pieces and stained glass window ornaments in the bedroom as well.

Bathrooms and Stained Glass: The bathroom might seem like a strange place to use stained glass, but this versatile material works here, too Think about using stained glass in cabinet doors, around mirrors and in bathroom windows. Colored and textured glass can admit light without allowing you to be seen from outside.

Office Stained Glass: Incorporate glass in drawer, window panels, cabinet fronts and other pieces of furniture to add interest to your office. Desktop pieces can be used for a more subtle effect.

Stained Glass Entryways: Stained glass gives you the opportunity to make a great first impression. Use it in your front door, or in the sidelights in your entryway. Panels over the door and other accents are also a great choice.

If you want to add a unique and interesting touch to you home, stained glass is a great idea. There are lots of options available – talk to your local retailer or stained glass artist to find out more.

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