Getting Rich with American Real Estate

Getting Rich with American Real Estate
by Mark English

Private Property rights are an intricate part of our rights as American citizens. Our founding Fathers wrote into the constitution several provisions protecting the property rights of all the people. For example, no state can pass a law impairing the obligation of any contract. Therefore no state can alter the terms of a legally-entered into-contract. This is critical to EVERGREEN COLORADO MORTGAGE law. Without these Federal protections, lenders would not be willing to loan money to borrowers, because the state could legislate them out of their principal, and their interest. The politicians would demagogue the “big money brokers” and pass laws to cheat investors out of their money. Where there is no security, people with money will not lend. These protections are there, to benefit us all, when we are buying a home of our own.

A home of our own has become the number one dream of the American people. The desire to have a place to go, where after a long days work is done we can have peace, and rest for our weary bones is ingrained into the American psyche. Our home, for most of us, will be the most expensive purchase we will make in our life time. Here in the Rocky Mountains, west of Denver, we will need an EVERGREEN COLORADO HOME LOAN to help us afford our mountain retreat. MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE can help you find, and finance your private enclave here in the Evergreen or Conifer Mountains; where you can rejuvenate your soul each day, and prepare for the day to come. But there is more to our home than just a building; we are also joining a community.

Buying into a neighborhood is a major commitment. You will, over time, blend into the community and will be both an influence and a beneficiary of all that Evergreen has to offer. Purchasing EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE will set you apart and establish you as a unique member of this very special place. This is resort style living on a daily basis, and the Evergreen and Conifer area will start to pay you dividends in peace, and restful relaxation immediately. If You have always dreamed of that sophisticated, custom mountain home, Designed and built to your personal specifications, then please give us a call. We are an EVERGREEN COLORADO CUSTOM HOME BUILDER and have built many elegant homes on EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE. Give us a call for a free no obligation consultation.

No matter what stage of life You are in EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE has something for You. Enjoy every outdoor activity imaginable, while all the amenities of the big city are only 30 miles away. The old bromide teaches us that the three most important things in Real Estate are Location, Location, and Location; Evergreen has an ideal Location. We live in a resort, but the Denver metro area is just down the hill. In Denver there is every activity one could want: professional sports, symphony, theatre, jobs, colleges and universities, budget to elegant shopping, an International airport and much, much more. We have only touched on the surface. We are also an EVERGREEN COLORADO CUSTOM HOME BUILDER so if You are looking for a NEW HOMES IN EVERGREEN COLORADO we can help.

The internet is virtually overflowing with ads about how to start your own home business. They are offering everything from health care products, to auto fuel additives. But the best home business is to invest in rental property. The tax advantages, the equity build up, and the limited amount of time involved make it the best choice. Many Americans are investing a set portion of their salary each pay check in stocks, bonds and CD’s. Every one that I have spoken to has lost all their equity, and a hefty part of their principal, with the Wall Street crowd. It’s time we seriously took a herd look at investing withHome Improvement Help the big investment houses. Many of them are themselves broke, and they have sadly let down all their clients. Plopping money in the lap of Wall Street each pay check and expecting them to fund your retirement is just not practical. Investing in EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE is a much wiser move. When You invest in rental property you are starting a small business and your returns are profits not dividends. You are earning the money, you are an entrepreneur and in the end you will be richer. We are MARK ENGLISH REAL ESTATE and we can educate You and help you to get started. We will find the best property and we will help You finance it with an EVERGREEN COLORADO HOME LOAN or a CONIFER COLORADO HOME LOAN.

The best economic stimulus package for you retirement investment is to start to depend on profits and not dividends. When investing in EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE you are producing a valuable product that has worth in the marketplace. If you do not need the money right now, or the increased tax liability, then you can reinvest the money into your new business. By taking your 401k money and paying down the principal on you rental property investment, you will be accumulating equity in your property. We will show you how to finance your investment. If you need cash to get started we can get you an EVERGREEN COLORADO MORTGAGE REFINANCE or a CONIFER COLORADO MORTGAGE REFINANCE or really a refinance any where in the State of Colorado. Be bold and give us a cal, and let’s set a plan in motion to establish your financial security for the rest of your life.

One of the unique advantages of investing in EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE is that you can leverage your investment by borrowing a large part of your investment. Leveraging will also increase your profit percentage on actual cash invested, and creates an effective hedge against inflation. If you buy a $300,000 house and put down 20 % or $60,000, and the property increases at 3 % a year you will make $9000.00 on your investment of $60,000 in cash or a return of 15 %. So if the rents do nothing but break even, you will still earn 15 % over the long haul. If You need an EVERGREEN COLORADO REFINANCE loan or an CONIFER COLORADO REFINANCE loan to get you started, we can help you through DISCOUNT MORTGAGE SERVICES. If you invested further by paying principal with your 401k money, you can earn even more by saving the interest rate of your mortgage loan. Contact us and we will educate you and advise you.

The tax man gives Real Estate special treatment, because Real Estate drives the economy and employment in the United States. When You think of all the investments available to an individual or family these days, putting your money in EVERGREEN COLORADO REAL ESTATE is as solid as the come. By buying a home of Your own you will save 25 % or more, of your costs, on your income tax bill. The interest and real estate tax deduction will also get you beyond the $5450.00 standard deduction ($10,900.00 filing jointly). Now, each and every other deduction is worth more. Your can now further deduct your state sales tax, charitable contributions, yearly auto tax registration, medical expenses and medical insurance premiums, capitalized loan points, etc., so your home get you over the hump, so to speak, and all your legitimate deductions are now more money in your pocket. And don’t forget this is an investment you get to live in. You are no longer paying rent, and no longer investing in some one else’s house, but in your own home. This investment belongs to you, and your heirs. Unlike many pensions, annuities, and Social Security this asset (or its cash equivalent) will survive you, and profit your children and grandchildren.

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