Rows of Veggies

I have almost the entire planted (seeds), and I think we’re pretty much finished with any landscape planting we planned for this year.

Here’s a row by row acount of the vegetable garden:

Bed 1:

2 rows of carrots
2 rows of radishes (already getting thinned out).
2 rows of lettuce

Bed 2:

3 rows of lettuce
2 rows of broccoli

Bed 3:

3 rows of turnips
1 row of jalapeno peppers

To be planted:

I found some really interesting “lemon” cucumbers (round and yellow)
Some mesclun (salad greens) in containers near the house

Since I am experimenting with growing everything from seed this year, I will leave “space” in the other 3 beds for a second and third planting later. Since I am not really experienced with seed (in the past we always went with seedlings), this may take a bit of trial-and-error before I get much going. But, I am committed this year to have a huge vegetable garden.

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