Why Doesn’t “Big Oil” Want you to Know about Water Fuel?

by Dr. Matthew Loop

We have all the rising gas costs, causing most of us significant strain on our monthly budgets. As we wait for either the government or gas companies to the costs, there are things we can do in the interim in order to experience some relief at the gas tank.

When it is warmer outside, gasoline expands. Gas pumps, however, measure the amount of gas being used by how much volume (i.e. liquid) goes through its pumps. Therefore, if you buy gas only when it is outside, you are essentially getting more gasoline for the same amount of money since the gasoline will not have expanded in the heat.

Keep your tires inflated – Deflated tires are one of the number one causes of significantly reduced gas mileage. Up to 25% of your gas mileage can be lost simply because you have a tire that is not filled with air. Check your tires regularly to ensure they are working properly. It costs only a dollar to fill a tire, but it can cause almost five hundred dollars or more to leave it deflated.

Keep your drive speed between 30 and 60 MPH – This is the optimum level for cars. Below 30 miles per hour and your car is receiving a lot of strain while not going at a very fast speed. Over 60 MPH and your engine is working much harder than it needs to for not much more speed. Keeping within the standard 30-60 MPH range can be very effective for gas relief.

One final lesser known method of relief from the high gas prices is a way to run your car on water that has been sweeping the nation. From the idea of Hydrogen technology comes HHO gas – an alternative power source designed to use water (standard H20) to improve the MPG of your non-hybrid engine.

Known as HHO technology, car owners across the nation have used these water car systems to experience significant relief from high gas prices saving thousands of dollars each year and improving the lifetime and health of their engine. And since these supplements can be created with parts you may already have in your house, anyone has the opportunity to benefit.

This HHO technology works by providing an electrical charge to tap water that you can get from your sink and turning it into a hydrogen particle that your car uses as fuel. In a way, you are adding an alternative energy source to your car without having to purchase a new automobile, thus your car significantly more energy efficient and saving you money at the pump.

With a little bit of instruction, you can run your car on water and experience the savings and gas relief that have already helped thousands of others across the country. If you are looking for a way to save money at the pump, consider these supplements your best bet for improving your gas mileage.

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