Blackout Curtain – That’s What I Want!

“I want a blackout curtain because I can,t sleep properly. I don’t want any light at all”.

Give me a penny for all the times I heard that. I would be a millionaire by now (well I may be exaggerating a little) but you get the idea.

What I found is that most people don’t want their bedroom to be so dark that even during the day you can’t see your hand front of your face.

What they really want is a very dark room, but still be able to get out of bed and make it to the bathroom without breaking their neck.

So how do you make your very dark room happen

No.1 Put blackout linings into your curtains. (talk about stating the bloody obvious) If your at sewing do it yourself. If not get a curtain maker to do it using your existing curtains or better still when making up your new curtains.

No.2 Fit a valance or pelmet over the top of your curtains. Use a wooden top board to hang your curtains and top treatment from.

“Whats a top board” (will I ever get to the end of this article with all these interruptions !). Well it’s a timber board usually 15 cm wide by 1. cm thick and as long as your window is wide. It fixes to the wall over your window on simple “L” shaped shelf brackets. Usually set 15cm to 20 cm over your window. Your valance fits to the narrow edge of the board with velcro tape and your curtain rails fix underneath the board.(now if were all ready can I carry on ? 🙂

This has 2 benefits.

First everything hangs better.

Second the board blocks the light coming out of the top of your curtains.

No.3 Returning the outside edges of your blackout curtain back to the wall. What does that mean, well simply your curtains normally hang on a curtain rail. The outside edges sit against the wall either side of your window. The only thing is that light can still leak through the small gap.

So to avoid this fit a pelmet board as above. Then before you hang your top treatment. Sort out the outside edges of your curtain. You need to screw a metal screw eye up into the underside of the top board. The metal screw eye must fix a couple of cm’s from each end of the board and as close to the wall as possible.

Then hook the last curtain hook the outside edges of your curtain into the metal screw eyes. This has the effect of taking the outside edges of your curtains right back to the walls blocking out almost all light from the sides of your curtains

No.4 Your curtain rails are the next thing you can do something about. You need 2 curtain rails, both half the width of your window plus 15cm. So if your top board is 200cm long then you need 2 rails at 115cm long.

Why 2 rails ? Well we are going to overlap them at the middle. You need to fix one rail towards the back of your top board and the other a few cm’s further forward. This allows your curtains when hung and closed to overlap and block out almost all the light coming from the center of your curtains.

Well I hope this article helps you with your own window treatment project. The most important thing is to take your time and some fun.

Lee Stevens From Window treatments Made easy Want info on window treatments then for help on Design, Making,Fitting and hanging. Do you a window treatments question the “Ask The Expert” to find your answer. Luck is where the crossroads of hard work and opportunity cross.

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