Concrete Polisher’s Toolbox

Concrete Polisher's Toolbox
by Mercie Hallow

To be able to effectively work with concrete polishing one needs a specific set of tools for every methods to be used. It will not be really a problem as there are useful information widely avaialable for a floor contractor. The right tools for the right procedure will effectively bring out the best in a polished concrete floor.

Rags or pieces of used cloths are never left behind on a concrete polishers toolkit. These items can be used for scrubbing tints to wiping excess water in a workers surface. It can also be use to remove dust from a concrete grinder and cleaning other tools during demobilization.

A grinder is also a concrete polisher’s “must-have”. This is mainly used in concrete grinding method where the surface is prepared by grinding before application of a sealant and an epoxy paint for the gloss and sheen. Grinders can come in different types and shapes.

A construction tape is an essential tool in doing concrete staining. Any kind of tape can be used as long as it has very good adhesive capabilites. Tapes that have wide widths are commonly used in wider work areas. Tapes that come in narrower widths are applicable to use when a decoration is essential.

A household mop is also used in concrete polishing applications. Same as with using rags in coloring or providing tints on a surface-a mop is used for wider areas of preparation. It is also used to wipe excess water that results from the surface preparation.

Squeegees that are mostly seen as car windshield wipers are also used by contractor’s polishers. They can be used to spread the sealant over the concrete’s cracks. Squeegees are also used to wipe away excessive water resulting from concrete polishing preparation.

Who would have thought that these staple household tools have the same importance in the process of concrete polishing? Having the right tools and using them correctly will make the process of concrete polishing efficient, effective and of great quality.

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