Danger Lies in Wait in Every Dark Corner of the Internet

Danger Lies in Wait in Every Dark Corner of the Internet
by Sam Garnebo

Due to the fact that so many people today rely on the internet for their business or other personal communication, the internet is a very big part of our society. To all positives there are negatives, the internet being no different has a dark side.

Online Scams

On the internet thousands of scams exist and are being sent to people’s email boxes every day. In fact, spam is where a lot of these scam messages find their roots and claim their prey. 2005 came with a price of $13 million dollars that US citizens paid to scam artist, this number is still on the rise. Many will fall prey to these scams because of personal financial troubles.

From very obvious to extremely difficult to detect, scams have a wide range of techniques that they employ. Some people have had to learn very hard lessons due to scam artists using internet entities as big as PayPal and E-Bay to catch their unsuspecting victim.

Computer Infections

One of the biggest threats plaguing the internet today is all the contagious infections floating around in cyberspace. Anyone who accesses the internet, particularly PC users, needs to be very cautious when surfing the web or even opening email.

Just the same as spam can carry scams, Viruses can attach to spam and come to your email. You along with whoever is on your contact list could be in danger if you open that attachment.

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Even worse are the adware programs that flood your screen with unwanted advertisements or spyware that has the ability to monitor your computer activity and thieve personal information. At best, this malicious software can make your computer perform incredibly slow, and at worse, erase all of your files and render the machine completely inoperable.

Web 2.0 Social Media

There is yet another negative to the internet and it may not appear to be as danger as it can be at its worst. Online communities like MySpace are looked at as nothing more than fun and games, however, where evil can get in it does. There are so many people who will enjoy these sites and post stupid pictures of themselves or even personal information and not know the danger they have just placed themselves in.

MySpace profiles that are accessible to anyone can be viewed to prove that thousands of people will reveal their personal information and pictures without a second thought. Web sites like MySpace can and have been the focus of many offline crimes that result in simple arrests and also murder.

Practice Internet Safety

There is not a way to completely clean up the internet, but there are things a person can do to limit his or her’s risk. A filter can be installed by a parent in order to protect their child from explicit material that they could stumble onto unintentionally or intentionally, and anti-virus software can be used to protect against a host of potential online threats.

Internet users have to understand that they should never open unsolicited email or give out their personal information to someone online. If you install a good security software and practice safe computing you will greatly limit your risk of being a victim to the world wide web.

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