Enjoying The Year With Beautiful Indoor Garden

Enjoying The Year With Beautiful Indoor Garden
by Thomas Fryd

There are many different variations and combinations that you can buy for your indoor garden. There are three important approaches you need to keep in mind when arranging your house plants:

1.) Separate pots that can be set up and moved around when needed.

2.) Tray or box arrangements can house a number of different types of plants that can be grown together.

3.) Terrariums can be smaller or the bottle variety and are easily mobile

For the novice, the easiest way to arrange plants are in separate pots. Each plant can be enjoyed and receive individual attention. The needs of the plant have to be taken into consideration and this increases its growing potential. The possibilities for arranging are endless. There are several different types of plant holders and shelf arrangements in stores, these are designed to assist you in arranging your indoor garden to its fullest potential.

You need to begin your project with a simple plan, go for individual pots instead of trying the more difficult window-box or pan arrangement. The smaller you keep your initial plan, the cheaper and safer it will be, and in the long run will provide you with the most satisfying results.

You are not restricted to only having your plants displayed in the same location. You can put some in your sunny kitchen window, or on a wide shelf. This is an ideal location for growing your plants but not much in the lines of showcasing them. But, you can always move them when they grow larger. If you can return them to the sunny kitchen window during the day, this is even better. You can set up a trailing ivy plant on either side of a fireplace mantle, this will brighten up a dining room side board as well. Plants add charm to any room. A geranium in your guest bedroom will be inviting to yourPlant Stuff guests.

If you want to experiment, you can find some very striking displays that can be made in a tray arrangement. You can set up a wide array of different bromeliad plants together, each in their own pot, in a large window box or tray. You can have a box specially built to under your picture window or sun porch. When grouping plants in a window box or in a tray, you can achieve some very dramatic and striking results. With wise choices and adept handling, the plants you use can make a miniature garden arrangement that will bloom year round. There can also be some potential problems with this type of arrangement though. Since you are grouping all your plants together, you must be sure that they all have the same environmental requirements to achieve optimum results. This does not have to be a problem you cannot overcome, because there is a large variety of plants that will do well together.

The third important point to remember is the planting arrangement. If you choose a terrarium, you will need to take a very different approach to your plant life.

In the middle of the 19th Century, an English botanist accidentally discovered that many wood plants will grow and thrive with very little effort, if kept in a sealed container. Terrariums can be used to grow moss, ferns and you can use almost anything made of glass, as your terrarium container.

From the standpoint of home decor, the hardest thing about terrariums is that the plants can be grown in them are very few, and because they are encased in glass, they do not add as much color to the room as other types of plants.

Whether you have room for just a couple of plants, or if you have the room to grow a large flower garden, the pleasure and enjoyment that comes from growing your own plants is immeasurable. You will enjoy your plants and so will anyone who visits your home.

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