Efficient Pest Management Methods

by John Smith

There is no greater and more effective and method than proper education and right knowledge. When this is established in every community, in every and in each and every individual, then there is no pest that can escape their terrible fate. Armed with correct thoughts, an individual can then formulate different, yet equally programs for eliminating and vermin.

Preferred programs usually consist of various mechanical, biological and natural means of control. The usual course of action is the following: A level of action is determined in an area. The amount of damage to both the pests and other living things present in the area are assessed and they vary from place to place, taking into consideration the environmental issues and well-being of the people living near or within the area.

Pests present in the area are monitored and identified. Once the level of action is established, the kind and species of animal or animals to be eradicated are evaluated. The colonies and sources of infestation can also be found out through this monitoring action. Traps are set up and regular inspections are done.

The knowledge of the life cycles and biology of the pests to be eliminated are then recalled to be able to develop realistic courses of action”be it through mechanical, cultural, or chemical means. Mechanically, gadgets, devices and paraphernalia are installed onto the affected areas. Examples of this method are application of mesh screens, the method of caulking, and the manner lowering moisture levels. Cultural means include the elimination of food sources of pests and proper waste disposal. Chemical treatments are discouraged, yet, implemented when the extreme need arises. Fumigants and the method of freezing with chemicals are examples of this way.

The actual implementation of the planned course of pest control action after thorough pest monitoring and planning of the to be used is then done. This is the crucial part of the program as this determines whether or not the prepared line up of methods, together with the assessing and monitoring of pests, is successful in its goal or not. Failure of programs is inevitable, though, and should then be re-evaluated. The cause of the letdown should be identified to be able to remake the program and establish new mechanical, cultural and biological, and/or chemical modes of pest control.

The success of the program depends on the amount of research done by those who implement the methods of eradication together with their scientific attitude and logical analysis. The thoroughness of the work is also expected from them and that the effectiveness of the materials and equipment used all depend on the implementers.

Programs such as these are only as strong as their weakest link. Without the right knowledge and attitude, the goal of eradicating pests would then be impossible to achieve. A thorough and step-by-step investigation is mandatory, then, to be able to gain favorable results and see improvements in the wellness of the living beings present in the once affected area.

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