Planting A Fruit Tree Or Two

Planting A Fruit Tree Or Two
by Al Haneson

Have you just planted a fruit tree in your garden? Assuming that you are new to this subject, here we offer you some necessary tips and advice. The first thing you should remember is that any fruit tree cannot survive without the proper amount of care. It is more likely die out of lack of care, than disease or pestilence. An immediate success and good health of the tree can be obtained with the proper care of the tree throughout its life, starting from its early days.

When planting a small fruit tree, the first thing you should understand is that all parts of your fruit tree including its trunk, branches and roots are at the developing stage and are still not strong enough, when the plant is small. Hence if the tree begins producing fruits at an early stage, it will obvious not have sufficient strength in its branches to hold its fruits. This will lead your branches to crack up. To avoid this, you can offer external support to the tree. Propping a branch onto a board or tying it to the higher level, are good ideas to provide the extra support needed. However in no time your fruit tree will grow up and will gain the strength to hold the fruit it makes without the need of support.

Another important aspect of growing the fruit tree is proper nourishment. Appropriately nurtured trees do not only produce more fruits, but also live longer life. The exact amount of nourishment will obviously differ from tree to tree and climatic conditions. In such a scenario, you can search out the help of a nursery employee regarding right nourishment. You may just tell them about the conditions in which your tree is living and how healthy it is looking, and the nursery employee will quickly guide you through further nutrition requirement the tree might have.

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Additionally, always remember one thing. Anything in limitless quantity is harmful. Lots of water is just not the key to improve trees fine health. Rather too much water might lead the tree to death, and spoil the future of the sweet fruits it might grow. Go to the origin of the problem to solve it, instead of pouring extra water. Consult an expert if you see any problem, which you think you cannot solve by yourself.

To guide you more, if you see any unhealthy or diseased branch, chop it out before it spreads its disease all over the tree. Sometimes you might even see that the fruit tree is wasting nutrients by passing it on to the damaged branch. This is why you should cut such branches out. This way you save the tree, as well as nutrient. Don’t keep unhealthy, damaged and diseased branches on the tree. If you don’t want to cut the whole branch, at least cut the damaged part before it is too late, so that you the tree is not affected.

Also pick up and throw away any fruits that fall on the ground. Don’t leave any fruit near the tree even if it is rotten and not profitable. Fallen fruits become a hub for various insects and such insects can further get transferred to the tree, infecting it with one or more diseases. Why to let the fallen fruits damage the whole tree? So collect all the fruits you see on the ground, and then sort them out depending on whether they should be thrown away or not.

Actually the list of fruit tree caring is too long. It is a tedious job and it is almost impractical to follow all the advice. However precise watering and better nutrients are two things which are easy to do and remember, and will keep your tree in good shape. If you follow this simple advice, you should be able to enjoy your sweet fruits in no time!

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