Office Plants

Office Plants
by Silver Bird

When drawing up contracts for office landscaping schemes of this kind the office chief should come to a clear understanding concerning plants that are likely to fail, so that they can be replaced without difficulty. No matter how wonderful the environment, maintenance and general conditions may be, it is almost inevitable that some plants will succumb.

Plants were required for raised beds in the pedestrian way of the L-shaped building. Temperature was to be maintained at not less than i6C. (60F.) and the principal source of light was to he from large, reinforced glass side windows. Plants were to be free planted in J.I.P.3 compost with good drainage provided.

Visiting the centre many years later it was particularly pleasing to see that my tongue-in- cheek suggestions for planting had been carried out and that the plants were doing particularly well this in spite of a continual flow of shoppers.

The importance of landscaping office interiors with plants has gone sonic way beyond sending the junior to the nearest flower shop to purchase a rubber plant. Today there are specialists in the field who make the installation and maintenance of foliage plants in offices a full-time occupation.

They will estimate the cost of the proposed landscaping, and will then be able to supply containers, compost and plants when required. A complete maintenance service for watering, feeding, cleaning and plant replacement can also be contracted for.

To reduce the cost of maintaining plants the office landscaper has developed much more sophisticated plant containers than we would have imagined possible only a few years ago. Better design has given these containers much more eye appeal, but the really important step has been made in providing some of them with artificial bottoms.

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