Guidelines For Choosing The Right Rug Size

Guidelines For Choosing The Right Rug Size
by Jackson Wallis

This article will help those of you who would like to make use of area rugs in their homes but are unsure of the right size to buy. Read on to find out some guidelines in determining the right size of area rug for your room.

Let’s start by deciding the role area rugs can play in your interiors – as the focal point, the accent or accessory to the focal point, and the practical aid. All these factors will help you in coming up with the right size.

An area rug as the room’s centerpiece should be bigger in order to capture the essence of the room. Being a focal point means being able to get attention at first glance.

Now consider the area rug used under a piece of furniture like a coffee table. This type of rug will obviously be one to serve as a focal point, especially if the coffee table’s top is made out of glass (in other words, it is transparent) but also if it is surrounded by other furniture. In terms of size, it should be bigger than the coffee table (even if it isn’t a focal point rug) but small enough to leave a bit of blank space between its edges and the surrounding furniture. The reason is that it will focus theLearn Interior Decorating attention even more on the central focal point (the coffee table).

That being said, what else is there to cover? Well quite a lot, actually. You see, a coffee table is just one type of furniture and the rules change somewhat when choosing something like an area rug to be placed under the dinner table or even under the bed.

With a dinner table, a gap space is not recommended. Have the dining table and the chairs on the area rug, with extra space at the ends to have an open and not too crowded look. Otherwise, your dining room will look awkward. Have the dining set wholly on the rug.

How can we forget the bedroom? Most times, the use of more than one area rug is applied to instill a cozy, relaxing feel to the room. In this case, you can place two rugs perhaps one at the foot of the bed and the other either at the side of the bed (makes waking up and planting your feet on the floor nicer), or at the center of the room. It can also be placed at the door as a welcome greeting decor. Practice care in the positioning of the rugs so that they won’t divide your room into two but rather, will create a harmonious look that makes your room an even more ideal place for refuge.

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