Building a Koi Pond Can Be Fun and Easy

Building a Koi Pond Can Be Fun and Easy
by Paul S. Lake

If you have been thinking about a Koi pond but are afraid it may be too difficult to consider, think again it really is not as difficult as you think. A Koi pond can be a beautiful enhancement to your garden and if you build and maintain it properly you will have a pond to be proud of for many years.

How large do you want your pond to be? Be sure to figure in room for growth. Not only will your fish grow, they can also multiply. And because they come in so many different colors, you may want to add more. But take care that you do not make the pond too large. Generally a pond needs to be filtered once every three hours, if the pond is very large running and maintaining large pumps can be very expensive. Medicating the pond when necessary would also be very expensive. If the pond is too big, you may not be able to see the fish as much as you would like. By the same token, you do not want it to be too crowded.

Pond shape can be very important to the health of your Koi pond. If your pond takes the shape of a puzzle piece, you will be inviting areas where the water cannot circulate and you will have stagnating water and disease. Too many twists in the design take away swimming room for your fish and make the pond hard to clean. The best design is a simple one with contoured sides that slope toward the drain. You will find that you have much less vacuuming than if you had a flat-bottomed pond that allows the debris to accumulate on the bottom.

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Typically ponds do much better in shaded areas than in areas that have full sun. If the area is shaded, it helps to keep slow the growth of algae and keeps the water from getting too hot. Of course you can choose to build in a sunny area if you want, but you would want to consider building an arbor to create a little bit of shade. When you think you have decided where to put your pond and what shape it will have, get a garden hose and lay it out in the pattern of the pond. This will give you an idea of how your Koi pond will fit in your garden.

Give careful consideration to the how deep you make the pond. You need a portion of the pond to be at least four feet deep. And be sure if you have a shallow end, it is no less than 2 feet deep. You do not want the fish to be subjected to too much heat or to predators. The best pond design will give a depth of at least six feet and straight sides to deter predator attacks.

Having plants in the pond may not be a good idea. While they are lovely to look at, the water plants can have parasites and riding the plants and your pond of them can be both costly and aggravating. It may be easier to surround your pond with flowers and plants. If you want to have plant fronds hanging over the pond, you can create that look by adding wires to the plant.

If you are considering adding lights, do it while you are installing the pond. Just remember the reason you are adding lights is so that you can see the Koi, so be sure that you add enough. If you place the lights are different angles around the pond, you will be able to light up the whole pond, allowing you to see the fish much better.

No matter what you shape or plants you choose for your Koi pond if you maintain the Koi pond correctly and keep your Koi healthy you can enjoy your pond for many years. Your Koi fish can live for many years and because they have distinct personalities, you may find that you are just as attached to them as you are to your other pets.

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