Five Reasons Why Rugs Help Bare Floors

Five Reasons Why Rugs Help Bare Floors
by Joan Blanchett

One of the easiest ways to bring warmth to a home is to use area rugs. The best part about area rugs is that you can use them on bare floors as well as floors that are covered with wall to wall carpeting. Bare floors can look plain and uninspired and the way to really rev them up is to use area rugs. Here are 5 good reasons to use rugs on bare floors and why:

Reason 1: If your bare floors look barren you may want to add rugs to fill up the space. Barren floors can look gloomy and uninviting but adding something simple such as an area rug can bring class and style to your room without robbing your wallet. Because area rugs come in many different colors, size shapes you will be able to find the right rug to fit in your area.

Reason 2: Area rugs can add color to any of your rooms. When you place an area rug down it not only changes the way that you feel in the room you will notice that it can change the color of the room. Forget painting or wallpapering, choose a simple neutral color to place on the walls and add color and style with your area rugs.

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Reason 3: Warm a room with an area rug. Placing an area rug in front of the couch or down a hallway will help warm your feet and reduce your heat bill. Wood floors are beautiful but they can be cold on winter nights. Home decorating is easy when you place a rug on the floor. You can even add area rugs on carpeting.

Reason 4: Add style using area rugs. When you want to change something simple in your room then add an area rug. You can change your dcor every season or during holidays without breaking the bank. Area rugs can be changed quick and easy. You can choose traditional looks, contemporary looks, artistic style, or personalize it to fit your lifestyle.

5. They are Useful: Not only are area rugs colorful and stylish for your home, not only do they add warmth to the home, but they are useful as well. When you put them under a table or under furniture, they can protect the floor or carpet from dents due to the furniture. They can also be used to protect traffic areas. You can use area rugs in virtually every area of your home for functional use.

Area rugs have many good uses. Not only are they artistic, stylish and colorful but they are warm and functional as well.

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