The Advantages Of Wool Rugs

The Advantages Of Wool Rugs
by Hugh Stock

Wool rugs are common and weavers have been using this material to make rugs for centuries. When you consider the various advantages offered by wool rugs, it is not surprising that wool has been such a popular material for rugs, for such a long time.

There are several reasons why people would use a wool rug in their home or office. Here is a list of reasons why people would choose wool rugs over any other.

Fire safety is important to every household. Wool is one of the safest fibers to help make rugs. If wool catches on fire it will not ignite and spread quickly. In most cases the fires will be contained to just a small area. Wool will not burn it will only smolder.

Wool is one of the safer fibers to use to create rugs and if you have a rug down you can you don’t have as much to worry about when it comes to igniting and causing a blaze.

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Wool is also a good choice as far as another element – water – is concerned. Wool rugs can repel water and other liquids, because the quality of the wool does not allow fluids to be absorbed. This is very useful as far as cleaning goes. If someone drops some liquid on a wool rug, the spill does not soak in, and it can easily be sponged off. Take a close look at a liquid spill on a wool rug to see the tiny drops of water clinging to the surface of the rug, but not soaked in.

Wool rugs also offer an aesthetic advantage. Since wool is not difficult to colour, all kinds of shades can be used for wool rugs. This material absorbs colour effectively, and the brightness does not fade easily.

When stepping on a wool rug the fibers will help the rug spring back with every step instead of making a permanent indention in the rug and wearing down the material and the life of the rug.

Because of its durability wool rugs will stand the test of time. It will allow you to keep the same rug for a number of years. Use it in a study or at the front door where it is constantly being used; a wool rug can handle it all.

A wool rug is well worth the value and will be a great accent to any home. If you are not sure about the durability of wool test it and find out how dependable it really is.

Not only does wool make the ideal material for years of use, it retains its appearance, too, so wool rugs still look attractive when they have been used for a long time. Wool resists dirt well, and wool rugs do not need to be cleaned as often as synthetic ones. In addition, static does not build up on wool, so rugs made of this material can be used safely around delicate equipment that could get harmed by static. Wool rugs are also very good for sound insulation.

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