by Wright Robinson

Epiphyllums require very similar conditions to those described above for echevcrias and, like them, they may be placed out of doors in a sheltered, sunny position during the warmer months of the year.

Pinch out the growing tip to encourage a more bushy shape, and don’ be too disappointed if what seem to be perfectly healthy should suddenly collapse and die for no apparent reason; it appears to he a peculiarity of many of the eucalyptus. On the whole, however, they are not too troublesome.

Propagation is by means of seed sown in March, or from cuttings taken in late summer. The cuttings are prepared from individual leaves; it is important to remove the complete leaf with the base attached, rather than cut through the leaf in order to remove it from the plant. Insert the cuttings in sandy, well-drained compost, and keep water off the leaves and the compost dry until growth is evident.

When potting plants on into larger containers a cactus potting compost should be used, as it is imporportant that there should be drainage. Over the winter months plants will need very little water. More liberal watering should gradually he started early in March.

Many varieties are used for bedding out in the summer, and all of them may be placed out of doors when the weather is warmer.

Many of these Eucharis lilies are easy to care for, strikingly beautiful and capable of enhancing the appearance of any plant collection. The flowers of the white eucharis lily are just about as white as white can be; a small collection of bulbs will provide a number of flowers from mid-summer into the autumn. These look better in smaller pots and three bulbs planted firmly in J..P.3 in April May will give excellent results in 5-in. pots. Increase from offsets removed at potting- time or much more slowly from seed sown in good heat early in the year’.

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