In-home Water Filtration System Is A Necessity

An in-home water filtration system is important for a number of reasons. Here, we have just a few of them.

You might think that the water filtration system used by your local government makes your tap water safe for consumption. Well, truthfully, it’s not even safe to shower in. Federal law requires that any public water filtration system test the water regularly publish their findings. So, you might think you are safe, as long as you read the report.

The problem is that cities around the country are making deceptive or even fraudulent reports. They are playing with the numbers have failed to list some of the more potentially harmful contaminants.

When contacted, company authorities have made statements like, “The general public would not understand the relevance of these findings.” Most of us find that insulting. According to the Washington Post, 65 of the 3000 largest public water filtration system facilities in the country are “manipulating the results of tests used to detect lead in water.”

You may know that lead is a toxic metal. Lead based paints have been banned from use in this country for many years. Lead poisoning causes learning disabilities, brain damage at toxic levels, it can cause death.

An in-home water filtration system that removes lead is the only way to protect your family. The problem may not be with the treatment facility. It may be in the pipes that carry the water from the facility to your home. You can have your water tested by an independent laboratory, but please, while you are waiting for the results, go ahead invest in a good water filtration system. They are not that expensive and well worth the cost.

Need more reasons? According to the US Council of Environmental Quality, there is an increased risk of cancer in people who drink chlorinated water, as much as 93% higher. If you live practically anywhere in the United States, your water has been chlorinated.

Treatment facilities use chlorine to “disinfect” the water protect their systems from rot and algae growth. It’s not the only way to disinfect the water. It’s not the best way, either. But, it is the cheapest.

An inexpensive in-home water filtration system will remove chlorine it’s odor by running it through activated carbon. But, be careful to compare systems. Some remove more chlorine than others. The best in-home water filtration system is designed to remove a number of other contaminants, as well.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, 45 million of us drink water that is contaminated with the potentially deadly parasite known as cryptosporidium. Government officials say that no matter what kind of water filtration system your local facility uses, they cannot guarantee the absence of this parasite. It is resistant to chlorine, so it can pass right through the system into your home.

In order to remove cryptosporidium from the water, an in-home water filtration system must use the latest technology. Your local facility will not go to the expense, but the technology is reasonably priced for home units. Do yourself your family a favor, find the best in-home water filtration system and install it today. You deserve it.

Larry L. Taylor is a dedicated advocate of living a healthy lifestyle diligent researcher of water purification systems. Visit his site at: to discover which water filtration systems Larry recommends after extensive comparisons.

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