Transitional Rugs: A Short Description

Transitional Rugs: A Short Description
by Judy Arthon

It’s a bit of a mental block when trying to figure out how to incorporate two different styles or themes together. Except that, it’s not an impossible task to do. Using two different periods for instance like Georgian and Victorian can easily be accomplished. I know you’re excited to know how, so read on and find out the answer.

The answer is a resounding YES! The solution to this is not even overwhelming. All you need is to throw in some transitional rugs to organize all the elements including the contrasting ones.

Transitional rugs have both flavors of the European and Oriental styles, and are reflective of modern designs. The daring mix of art and chic makes these rugs a major favorite especially among collectors.

However there are even more characteristics unique to the transitional rug that you won’t easily find with other styles of rugs, such as color. While other rugs are rooted in tradition with the style of their patterns, the different colors or types of colors, etc., transitional rugs have that freedom that allows for virtually any combination of color.

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An additional feature that makes the transitional rug different from other rugs is the aspect of the rug design. Consider a country motif rug or perhaps one decorated according to botanical tastes. These traditional rugs will often have a certain design or object featured in the design, such as a specific country scene or only certain types of flowers. Again here the transitional rug is different in the sense that it can feature anything from a genre or subject, be it the smallest flower, the biggest tree, an old farm scene, or any other item or idea usually avoided by traditional rug makers.

Let me continue praising transitional rugs and tackle another aspect of color. A conventional rug’s color can be too dark, too deep, too pale or too bright. This is actually a common problem for those looking for that something they can’t put their finger on – something in between or a combination of elements.

Transitional rugs have the freedom to solve all those little things people dislike about traditional rugs as the rug maker has the ability to incorporate various aspects of various designs that people find favorable. Examples here include a spin off on an oriental rug where the colors are much lighter and where elements from other types of rugs are incorporated.

All these said, transitional rugs are the ideal choice if you aren’t sure or decided on what type to choose. They are flexible indeed. Just consider the right size for the room and where you intend to place it. Decide if you want your rug to be the main decor or just an accent to modify the room. When you have finally figured this out, you’re transitional rug shopping will be trouble-free.

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