by Leslie Williams

We have vast range of suitable for indoor and garden room decoration and for the garden display in summer. Almost all are easy to grow if they have a light position and one is not too heavy-handed with the watering-can.

All of those suitable for pot culture can be raised from cuttings taken in autumn or spring, though autumn cuttings taken after plants have flowered is advised as they get off to a much better start for the new season. Cuttings about 4 in. in length should be removed and allowed to dry for twenty four hours before they are inserted in sandy compost.

Plants of considerable size can he grown by keeping them over the years, but they usually flower much more satisfactorily if raised anew each year. Even so, many of those referred to as geraniums and used extensively for summer bedding can he induced to climb the garden- room wall to a height of 6 to 8 ft. to give a colourful summer display.

The ivy-leaved sorts are excellent for hanging baskets and very little trouble to care for. There are also those with scented leaves which are a pleasant novelty, but require rather too much space for the-comparatively poor display they give.

These are not so plentiful as propagating material is much less easy to obtain ; cuttings taken from individual leaves merely produce green plants, so in order to get the more attractive variegation cuttings must he prepared with part of the main stem of the plant attached.

The grey-leaved P. hederaefblia should be treated in exactly the same way as caperata, both in respect of culture and propagation.

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