Enjoy a Portable Sauna for Less

Enjoy a Portable Sauna for Less
by Greg Holmes

Lots of people enjoy the health benefits and stress relief that come from relaxing in a sauna. However, it’s not always convenient or affordable to visit a facility that offers this experience. Therefore, more and more people are choosing to install a portable sauna in their home. So they can experience the health benefits and relaxation without emptying their wallets. Portable saunas are considerably less expensive than installing a permanent unit.

There’s more than one kind of portable sauna to choose from. The first, which is completely portable, is a folding cabinet type of unit. The walls are created from a flexible material that’s similar to a tent with insulation. There’s no need for new plumbing or electrical wiring. You simply plug it into a standard electrical outlet. You sit on a chair that’s designed to collapse easily when you’re finished. There are special openings that allow your hands and head to stick out from the unit. When you’re finished, you fold it up into a small box-like unit.

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Some kinds of portable saunas are dome shaped or resemble a blanket or bag. You lie down and enclose yourself in either a stiff plastic dome or a special sauna blanket. Your body is completely enclosed, with the exception of your head. These models are very easy to store away when you’re done. The downside, though, is that you are unable to move your arms, so you’re basically immobile during the process.

The next option consists of portable saunas that are pre-built. Although they’re called portable, they’re not designed to be stored away when not in use. Their source of heat is known as far infrared. It’s different in that it heats only people and objects without warming the air. Usually they have a set of controls so you can fine tune the temperature or time your session.

Once you plug these units into a standard wall outlet, the heating panels on the inside start to warm up. Although it sounds dangerous to have a source of heat so close to your skin, it’s actually completely safe. The heating panels are just warm to the touch, not hot. And infrared heat is most effective when it’s used in close proximity.

A portable home sauna does have a few drawbacks. The truly portable units simply can’t equal the heat level of a regular sauna. Because their walls are so thin, there isn’t enough insulation to prevent some heat from escaping. A pre-built sauna does better at providing higher heat levels. But there are those who find the narrow enclosure to be uncomfortably confining. But if you don’t want the expense and hassle of installing a permanent sauna in your home, portables are a very good option.

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