How to select the best LCD TV stand

How to select the best LCD TV stand
by Thomas

Since its introduction a few years back, Plasma and LCD televisions are slowly but surely taking over households all over the world. With is price becoming cheaper by the day, more and more people are upgrading to these sleek and slim displays. A cool piece of electronics like a LCD TV can greatly enhance the look of your room. The last thing that you will want to do is to spoil the good looks of your LCD TV by placing it on your old and bulky TV stand from the eightes.

In terms of aesthetics and functionality, it is always a good idea to get a stand that is especially designed for LCD TVs. For starters, although most LCD TVs are lighter than old cathode ray televisions, the weight distribution of slim TVs are very different from older TVs.

In cathode ray TVs, its weight is distributed over a large surface area. When it comes to LCD and plasma TVs, its weight is concentrated on a relatively small surface area. Because of this, the supporting surface of a LCD TV stand needs to be stronger and reinforced to support the concentrated weight. This is especially important when it comes to large and heavy LCD televisions.

Price is of course, always a major consideration when it comes to any purchases. It is good idea to invest in a high quality TV stand as a well made stand can last for decades. If you can afford to buy a good TV stand, make sure that you buy a stand that is larger than what you currently need so that it can be used to support larger TVs if you decide to get a bigger one in the future.

In terms of aesthetics, long and slim TV stands are more stylish that short and wide ones. Long rectangular stands look sleeeker and elongate the look of a room, creating an illusion of a bigger space. You should also get your hands on stands that have enclosed storages. Such stands are neater as all your other electronic appliances (like DVD players) and DVD collection can be hidden away from view.

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