Armed Personal Security Company History

Armed Personal Security Company History
by Alex B. Hawk

As the demand for rent-a-cops and armed guards rises, the armed personal security industry booms. Only 50 years ago, were gated communities in the United States (and most of them in Beverly Hills), but nowadays, they’re more prevalent than ever.

Certain people in this world need security for their family. And instead of keeping a firearm with them, they have opted to hire professional armed personal security. Furthermore, they live in gated communities to enhance the security.

Big Money

The world’s third fastest growing sector, the armed personal security industry was triggered by public outcry on violent crime. In fact, the industry is measured in the trillions of dollars.

To drive the point further, there are more than 20,000 armed personal security companies in the world.


As expected, government regulations will soon follow. And a smart move at that, seeing as how this industry will hire the most number of people within the next ten years.

All this firepower exposed to the public who places their trust in uniformed guards, raises a variety of concerns. The private security industry is largely unregulated; the employees are often poorly trained, underpaid, and inadequately screened.

While most security guards cannot use force or make arrests, people usually stop their criminal behavior upon the sight of them. As such, observing, reporting, and attempting to stop crime can suffice as the guards’ authorized activities.

In a nutshell, the armed personal security industry started out with Pinkerton, the country’s oldest firm. It provided barons with guards to wipe out unions.

Pinkerton provided the firepower when Ford Frick issued the order to gun down striking workers at Andrew Carnegie’s Homestead steel plant in 1892.

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