How to Utilise your hot tubs with a wooden deck

The choice of designs is vast. The choice we have is endless!


Deck design features a number of materials such as concrete, stone, tile, etc. In looking through deck designs there are some beautiful examples of pool deck design using wood. Why decide on wood? 


Concrete and wood are a similar price for basic details. are not suitable for and tend to be more expensive. Stained wood with spaced joints are normally fairly slip resistant. The main two issues that will dictate your choice will be your budget and suitability.


can be a really nice addition to a deck design as long as there is a good balance between achieving privacy and completely shutting out the space around us.


An area roughly 12×12 minimum should be allowed for the deck design in which to place the hot tub. The tub should be placed in a position that neighbours cant see you! It is great to be close to the house entrance.


Besides the tub being placed well, screened from view, and easy to get in and out of the other thing to consider is that the tub should be level to the deck, or for choice about 18” above it.


It is a good idea to place some sort of seating arrangement nearby to the hot tub and then surround by a screen with maybe a pergola above it. One major thing to consider if this is within access to children is that the  hot tub needs a locking lid. 


Decking can also be used to build up to a swim spa which has been partly recessed into the ground. This gives the illusion of it being sunken into the ground and blends well in your garden. Hot tub cabinets come in a variety of colours which blend with different deck designs.  They come in a choose of , red wood or . These are all maintenance so wont require any staining in the future.




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