How To Pick And Grow Houseplants

How To Pick And Grow Houseplants
by Keith Markensen

Easy-to-Grow House Plants

A lot of indoor plants are popular for the beautiful foliage and therefore have great decorative value through the different seasons. The plants discussed here are very easy to grow and will do great in your home, office or shop, all you need to do is provide a bit of love and care.

Ficus,philodendron and ivy of any kind are all very attractive and easy to grow options.

For wall or pillar covering, plants with a climbing nature and those with skinny, long shoots which need support are quite suitable for adorning your home. Some plants are grown for the foliage alone and others for the beauty of the leaves.

The plants listed on the following list have become common and popular because they can withstand dry conditions and can withstand any environment quite well.

Asparagus plumosus

The plant above, has dark green, fern-line foliage on very delicate, wiry stems that vine with support and grows several feet long. It should not be confused with the Asparagus plumosus nanus, which is smaller and more compact and not a climber.


This plant is great or trellis or any support structure to which you must tie the stems securely.


Owing to its semi-succulent nature, this beautiful flowering plant is ideal for growing in a sunny window.

Because of its succulent nature, this flowering beauty is great for growing on a sunny window ledge.

Hedera (Ivy)

This plant has many different varieties, some have green while others have variegated coloring. These plants are among the heartiest of house plants.

Hoya carnosa

These plants are more commonly known as waxflower, they have a slim, corded stem which can be easily trained to grow in any position. The flowers bloom on the older flower spurs in bunches that must not be cut.

Monstera deliciosa

As a potted plant, this one has become widely popular in recent years. It is easy to recognize because its leaves are large and irregularly shaped holes. Younger plants are small and bushy, but the plants will eventually get long stems which need to be supportedPlant Stuff.


This plant is a true climber with spiral springy tendrils which will easily adherer to anything available for support. It will also get shoots that can be up to several feet long.


This plant is a great plant to train to climb to a frame. It will covers its support surfaces with a large mass of shiny green foliage. Some species have aerial roots and this will fix to support posts if they are covered with a thick layer of moss of some kind.

Window Sill Gardens

Growing flowers or foliage plants on a window sill is a form of gardening, most people can easily do this. For those who live in flats, and other people who do not have a garden, especially shut-ins who are confined to their home, this option provide them with countless pleasures with this type of gardening.

Window sill plants could be more popular if it were not for the fact, it takes a great amount of time to fill and empty the pots. Additionally, there are also watering problems, draining water drips on the heads of people in the street and this can be very annoying.

However, by taking some easy precautions during construction of the containers and setting the up in position, problems like this can be avoided. These kinds of problems will be addressed at the end of the chapter.

There is a wide array of outdoor plants and indoor plants which you have to choose from. You can choose from the fussy ones to the easy tough plants. Plus there are many ways a beautiful way displays can be gotten.

A popular method involves planting during the spring and summer seasons to show of the beautiful blooms. The can be achieved by adopting the same planting method that is used to display plants in a flower bed, in an open garden.

For people who are not familiar with types of plants used for this reason, a visit to the public parks should assist in understanding. This means speaking with gardeners and other people knowledgeable about how the best bedding plants can be found. Many plants chosen for bedding are also just fine for window boxes, but only dwarfs are better used for this purpose.

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