What is the Best Rust Treatment?

Rust is a big problem for any house in wet weather. You can try every possible but it is almost impossible to keep your home rust free. And the best solution is to clean up rust as early as possible.

And it is not about metal items alone – rusts can pile up in concrete foundations, patios or even in sidewalks. And if you have light colors in the wall (that we normally have in outdoors), rust looks awfully bad and an eyesore. A small patch of rust is enough to kill the beauty of your home.

The problem is high in those areas where water run beside concrete walls. And if you use well water to spray in the garden, there are high probabilities that concrete in the surrounding areas or metal items will gather rust in no time. In these situations the best thing you can do is to be careful while spraying water in the garden and use a good quality spray to be careful. But if once things start getting rusts, it normally comes back unless you remove the water source completely from the rusted metal or concrete.

But what would you do to keep the place clean and rust free?

People have different methods and apply different solutions to remove rust from metal particles and concrete walls. Here are of the most common ways for rust treatment:

The most common first step is to brush out remaining paint from the rusted surface and surrounding area. You can use good quality wire brush to clean the place. When the place is clean from rusts, you can use some good quality metal primer and rust resistant paint on the top. This is a good solution to keep your metal furniture away from rust for a long time. You can redo the process whenever there is some rust in metal items or concrete walls.

people would try lemon to keep the concrete wall or metal furniture free from rusts. They take it as a natural solution to rust problems. In this situation all you need to do is to apply some lemon juice on the rusted area and leave them as it is for half an hour depending on the quality and condition of rusted area. Later on, you would need to scrub the rusted area with a good quality brush and wash out the rust with enough water. However, in some cases, lemon juice makes the wall discolored or leaves some stains behind no matter how well you rinse the place. This method is handy but not for all occasions and for all surfaces.

people even recommend vinegar to clean rust stain from concrete wall or metal items. It follows the same process as lemon juice.

However, most widely used solution is that of using rust removal solutions to clean rust easily and effectively. They are easy to apply and you do not need to scrub the place for proper rust treatment. These are cheap and you can use them in any surface. However, if you want to use these rust removal solutions, try to find out an organic one. The organic solutions are non acidic and does not harm the surroundings. For example if you use acid based cleaners (both lemon and vinegar are acid based cleaners) they may harm plants in the adjacent areas or may react with the metal and leave a lasting stain on them.

So which rust products are you using next time to clean rust from metal furniture or concrete wall?

Rust is a big problem but with the right rust products, proper rust treatment is not a problem.

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