The Importance of Emergency Food Storage

The Importance of Emergency Food Storage
by Greg Shuey

As young kids, did you use to stack chips, biscuits, and other food under your bed or inside your closet so that when you get hungry in the middle of the night youll have something to munch on? Or when your friends come over, youll have something to eat while watching TV and playing games? Unknown to us, we have already been practicing food storage since we were young.

And now that we are already adults, the need for emergency food storage is as important as stashing foods under our bed just like we used to. Emergency food storage is a good habit to practice. This will ensure that you and your family will have something to keep you alive and healthy in case disaster struck.

Youll need your emergency food storage mainly for the following situations:

– Natural disasters – Emergencies – Severe economic hardships where you dont have enough money to purchase food

If you could recall some years ago, US Secretary of Health Mike Leavitt told a reporter that people should start stashing food under their beds in times of emergencies or disaster. This sparked a media frenzy. Even comic and late-night show host Jay Leno jumped in on the issue. But despite all these, one thing is unquestionable: we need to have emergency food storage.

The reminder wouldnt have come at a better time. Now that the country is in recession and people are losing jobs left and right, having your emergency food storage will help your family survive when you dont have enough money to buy food.

Just take note that your food storage must contain staple foods. Storing any food without nutritional value will not do you any good. Stick to the basics. Store wheats, cereals, canned goods, and other items that will help you make a meal. Remember, your food storage will not do you any good unless its something healthy.

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